Car Accidents and Chiropractic Care

I see an awful lot of accidents in my chiropractic office and trust me, I do mean awful. Automobile accidents are usually the worst but I’ve seen others that are just as bad, like people who’ve fallen off a ladder, slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk and plenty of accidents that were related to sports like football, bicycling and even weight lifting injuries.

All of these accidents had one thing in common; they created a force strong enough to move the bones of the spine out of place, something we chiropractors call a subluxation. Yes, that’s a long word but what it describes is quite simple. A subluxation is when a joint, usually 2 bones of the spine, is partly out of place but not completely. Think of a subluxation like a car with a front end that’s misaligned. The car can still drive, sure, but if you don’t get the front end aligned correctly it will start to have other problems, especially with the tires and rims, and it won’t handle very well either.

An accident causes your spine to become misaligned and that puts pressure on the delicate spinal nerves the spine protects, which can cause a lot of pain all over your body. If, like a car, you don’t get the misalignment fixed, your spine will get worse and worse and you’ll be in pain all the time.

That, in a nutshell, is why after any type of accident you should see a chiropractor, to get your spine back in alignment and make sure you don’t make any problems the accident caused even worse.

Auto accidents that cause a whiplash injury are the worst type of accident because of the chance that the normal curvature of the spine is badly misaligned. This neck curve is vital for good health and is a must to get corrected as soon as possible. Other types of accidents like slips, trips and falls can affect the mid-back and low back curves, as well as damage the discs.

What I’ve seen in my years of practice, however, is that no matter the accident, chiropractic is the best solution to realign the spine, reduce and then remove the pain and, most importantly, eliminate the chance that your accident will have long-lasting negative effects on your health.

So if you’ve been in an accident, see your medical doctor, make sure nothing’s broken, get any medication you need to help you get through the acute pain and then go see a chiropractor and get your spine back in line with safe, effective chiropractic adjustments.